Who We Are

Founded in 1994, Earthbound Adventures is a pioneer in eco-tourism and a leading adventure-travel company offering unique treks and tours to South America. Whether you dream of swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos or drifting through the Amazon rain forest on a moonlit canoe trip, dancing samba In Rio De Janeiro, tango in Buenos Aires, or hiking the Inca Trail, you will be fully immersed in this breathtaking landscape among diverse cultures. Carefully crafted tours led by local naturalists ensure a tour respectful of the environment. We purposely operate on a smaller level with personal attentions.


Unlike other adventure travel groups, we limit the number of trips to each destination, traveling in groups of only six to a dozen people to minimize our impact on the fragile surroundings. Because the preservation of our planet is of utmost importance, we support international conservation organizations. We also donate money to plant 30 trees for each person who travels with us to offset the carbon footprint inherent in travel.

All of our tours are based on our own personal adventures over many years, so you're traveling to places we know intimately. Our carefully chosen guides are South Americans who have first-hand knowledge of your destination. So, while you are benefiting from a native's perspective, we are reinvesting in the local economy. (Earthbound Adventures is a Delaware corporation and register in Peru)

Standing out among the first environmentally responsible travel companies, a 1995 U.S. News & World Report article cited Earthbound Adventures as one of the best eco-tour companies in the U.S. We invite and encourage you to join us and see the difference!